J Lively

Singer / songwriter, J Lively not only has a distinct voice with a touch of rasp that captivates while singing covers and original music, but also plays ukulele, guitar, and piano live. EDM, hip hop, indie, pop,  country, rock, and classics– she doesn’t do straight covers, but infuses them with her youthful energy & charisma.  Her shows may be the only place you’ll hear Led Zeppelin or Lil Jon’s Get Low on the ukulele.
While just 26 years old , J Lively considers herself an old soul.  Originally from S. Carolina, she grew up loving Elvis & Janis Joplin from an early age.  Now residing near Philadelphia, J performs both in SL and real life clubs. She also finished in the TOP 4 of 2016 Second Life’s Got Talent.

Bookings may be arranged with any of the following KMG booking managers:

Laurie Alexis
Second Life: LaurieC Resident (Display Name Laurie Alexis) by notecard
Facebook: Laurie Alexis

Liz Harley
Second Life: Liz Harley (Display Name Mrs. Liz Wake) by notecard
Facebook: Liz Harley

Lo Bloch
Second Life: Lo Bloch by notecard
Facebook: Lauren M Bloch

Syd Baddingham
Second Life: Syd Baddingham by notecard
Facebook: Sydney Baddingham

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