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Lark Bowen

Lark started singing at a very young age with her first recording at age 3… by her Granny. She got her first standing ovation at her first stage (Stairway Landing) performance at age 4 performing her own rendition of the opening song for the Hit Broadway Musical, “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.” This was only the start!

Lark’s passion and talent blossomed with over 10 years of Vocal Training and Study through private lessons and too many classes which led to a Degree in Vocal Performance with concentrations in Classical Music, Opera, Broadway and some other boring but hard to sing stuff. (And to be honest, she probably doesn’t remember much from the Music Theory or Music History courses). Many hours of boring homework led to listening to the radio which led to a love of popular music in all genres.

During those many years of study, she accomplished many things. Aside from actually graduating (which was a miracle in itself), she was able to lend her voice to a number of choirs and musical ensembles, musicals, solo concert recitals, and her favorite, a cameo on a Disney Radio Christmas Production of A Christmas Carrol. Her crowning glory was her opportunity to rehearse with “America’s Choir.”

She left the world of music behind upon graduation till many years later when she discovered Second Life. Through the help and support of Amazing Friends and Family, she found her way to her true love, Performing. Lark might be performing in her pajamas with her bun buns hoping around her real life feet, but she keeps her Second Life fans wanting more of her beautiful and charismatic personality with every performance doing what she loves the most!

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Brooks Breeze Zapp
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Laurie Alexis
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Liz Harley
*Second Life: Liz Harley by notecard
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Skye Blue Belle
*Second Life: SkyeBlue1017 Resident (Display Name: Skye Blue Belle) by notecard
*Facebook: Marcy Tyus Johnson


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Lark Bowen