Mavenn makes glorious use of her sultry voice covering country to jazz and even some rock and roll. Hailing from Newfoundland, Canada – land of cod and Celtic roots and really big icebergs – Mavenn is a breath of fresh air! If you haven’t heard her work, then you absolutely need to come by and give this East Coast gal a listen.

With a selection of over 400 songs, she provides an interactive show encouraging requests and dedications from your guests. She is currently among the top tier performers in SL.

“I sing Blues, Rock, Jazz and Country. I’m a Soul Singer. It’s about naked emotion and personal testimony.” – Mavenn

” If you are wanting a “mirror image” of a recording, This is NOT the artist for you to hear. She has a uniquely beautiful, powerful yet sultry voice…”…. Check her out. Become hooked on Mavenn! – Kiki Lowey (The Bleu Katt Lounge)

Bookings may be arranged with any of the following KMG Booking Managers:

Brooks Breeze Zapp
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Laurie Alexis
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Liz Harley
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Skye Blue Belle
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