Jacqueline Luik (Inactive)

Jacq DEF NAMEJacqueline Luik, one of the premier entertainers in SL, is originally from Dallas, Texas. She has been performing most of her life, with her first public engagement at 7 years old. Jacqueline holds a semi-professional background in music with years of vocal training, songwriting and several contest wins which took her to Nashville for television auditions in her 20s. Back in Texas, along with performances at weddings and special events in her community, she was in a band traveling to different dance halls. Jacqueline has a true love of performing in front of larger audiences and hopes you leave her show feeling you’ve been entertained at a professional level. Although Jacqueline’s roots are straight from Texas in country and gospel, she has widened her genre and now sings her heart out to jazz, ballads and pop.

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