Our Services

A musician’s life is rarely easy. Many here have full-time jobs and families. We strive to make their time in Second Life as stress-free as possible.

With our familiarity of the SL scene, through years of experience as venue owners and talent management, enhanced by our collaboration with Lo Bloch Management (owned by Lo Bloch) and Jacqueline Luik Management (owned by Jacqueline Luik), The Keys Management Group aims to make our musicians’ experiences easier by offering the following support:

•Procure venue bookings
•Promote shows within Second Life including musicians’ groups, live music groups, Subscribe-O-Matic
•Promote outside of Second Life including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Second Life Live Music
•Promote musicians’ real life musical endeavours
•Prepare musician information/publicity packages
•Provide hosting for shows
•Prepare confirmation notecards
•Ensure venue preparedness including the inclusion of show within Second Life event listings, providing/ensuring correct stream information, etc.
•Liaise with venues regarding cancellations, stream and sound quality issues, etc.

Inquiries about our services (including general hosting services) may be directed to any one of the following KMG (Keys Management Group) booking managers:

Laurie Alexis
Second Life: LaurieC Resident (Display Name Laurie Alexis) by notecard
Facebook: Laurie Alexis

Liz Harley
Second Life: Liz Harley (Display Name Mrs. Liz Wake) by notecard
Facebook: Liz Harley

Lo Bloch
Second Life: Lo Bloch by notecard
Facebook: Lauren M Bloch

Syd Baddingham
Second Life: Syd Baddingham by notecard
Facebook: Sydney Baddingham

Alternately, you may contact us by e-mail: