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phloid and The Other Guy™

phloid doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing. He’s just winging it. He plays a little bit of everything. Easy listening, sappy love songs, classic rock, classic country, alt-rock.

Interesting side note, he plays an inordinate amount of songs about love and violence.  And sometimes he lets The Other Guy™ come out to play. He should probably see a therapist about these.

Oh…and his instrument of choice is Justine….his 8-string Kala Tenor Ukulele.

Bookings may be arranged with any of the following KMG booking managers:

Carly Brucato
*Second Life: Carly Brucato (Display Name: ღcαяℓү вяυcαтσ-αηgεℓღ) by notecard
*Facebook: Carly Brucato

Laurie Alexis
*Second Life: LaurieC Resident (Display Name: ღℓαuгιε αℓεxιşღ) by notecard
*Facebook: Laurie Alexis

Liz Harley
*Second Life: Liz Harley (Display Name: Mrs. Liz Wake) by notecard
*Facebook: Liz Harley

Taj Nishi
*Second Life: Taj Nishi (Display Name: Taj) by notecard
*Facebook: Taj Nishi


Alternately, you may contact us by e-mail:

SL Group: phloid’s travelin trainwreck (50+ members)

Song List: Phloid’s Song List

Fee: Please discuss with a booking manager.


Facebook: Phloid Larrikin