SaraMarie Philly

SaraMarie Philly

SaraMarie Philly was born and raised in Indiana (USA). Her parents both had factory jobs, but they also had a small rabbit farm. In college, she studied Voice, Piano, Clarinet and Violin at Indiana State University, and graduated from West Chester University in 2010 with a degree in Music Education.

Playing music for people creates a connection that goes beyond what can be expressed in conversation. For SaraMarie, it’s a way of sharing life experiences and expressing empathy for the experiences of the listener. These connections are what keep people interested in an artist’s music, and what keep an artist interested in sharing it. As a performer, connecting to the audience is important to her. In SL, singer/songwriter SaraMarie performs original and pop music covers, while playing guitar or piano.

In RL, Sara Tiemogo (SaraMarie Philly) released a CD in 2011. The songs were mixed and mastered by Grammy-nominated Producer, James Cravero. The CD is titled “Red” and has 12 fully produced original songs.

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