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Wolfie Starfire, also known as Meg Groves in real life, is an up-and-coming artist who grew up surrounded by music, theatre, and art. She took interest in theatre at a young age, and aspired to be successful in the worlds of both music and film. She took many singing, acting and dance classes, and she dabbled in the film and commercial industries. Her desires are entirely based on some day becoming an acclaimed songwriter like Taylor Swift and an acclaimed singer and actress like Kristen Chenoweth. Meg completed a BFA in Acting at Coastal Carolina University in 2017.

With her love of music firmly in tow (and hoping to share her music with others), Wolfie released her first album, Spark, which is a heartfelt blend of contemporary pop, country, and blues, with a musical ability that belies her young age. She has a gift for writing her own music and lyrics, which are inspirational, thoughtful and moving. This ensures that more than a few of her songs will get stuck in your head while you listen to each of her tracks.

Wolfie believes that music should tell a story or a lesson in life, which leads her to write songs that have real meaning and lyrics that others can relate to them. This makes sure that each song expresses how she feels, while still encouraging each listener to discover what each song can mean to themselves.

Wolfie is available Off Mondays and Wednesdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays after 12pm-9pm SLT, Fridays between 12pm-4pm SLT, Saturdays 11am-8pm SLT. and Sundays 11am-7pm.

Bookings may be arranged with any of the following KMG booking managers:

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